The Fraternity Without Borders Orchestra is changing the lives of young people from the poor suburbs of Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil.

Music is bringing new values to these young people and their communities. Joining the orchestra has a major impact on their lives.  Matthew, who was 9 years old when his father died, became depressed, got into fights and was not doing well in school. He was invited to participate in the project, and once he started to express himself through music, his depression went away. He was able to focus on schoolwork and even made new friends.

Currently, there are 4 teachers, 1 monitor and 52 students in the project. Classes take place in three centers, in the neighborhood of Jardim Tavaná, Noroeste and Downtown. The students have music lessons twice a week and as they improve their skills, they have the opportunity to become part of the Philarmonic Orchestra.

Music not only affects those who listen to it, but also the artists who create it, allowing them to express their emotions openly. It gives their lives direction and opens them up to new opportunities. Since joining the Orchestra, our members have reported they feel calmer, more focused and have more self-control.

The FWB Orchestra performs for corporate events, trade associations, government functions, educational institutions and charitable events.​

We are passionate about transforming lives through music and are working with sponsors in order to expand the Fraternity Without Borders’ program. 

​Our Goal:

  • Enroll 300 students;
  • Create 10 classroom centers;
  • Acquire trumpets, trombones, horns, euphoniums and tubas; and
  • Hire additional teachers.

​A small donation can bring the joy of music into more student’s lives. Join us in transforming a community one student at a time.

Music is therapeutic and brings us all together!