Madagascar, the island and land of lemurs, is best known for animated movies and nature documentaries, but little is known about the population and their poverty.  This is a place where almost half of the children under five suffer from chronic malnutrition and lack access to clean drinking water. Children take a bath only when it rains. Malnutrition and lack of hygiene creates a breeding ground for diseases such as taeniasis, Neurocysticercosis and tungiasis, among others.

When Fraternity Without Borders arrived on the island of Madagascar in February of 2017, we found  families living in extreme poverty, suffering from hunger, thirsty, and without access to basic hygiene. Currently, we maintain two community centers, where we assist approximately 3 thousand people providing access to education, meals, medical and dental care.

Since water is one of the biggest problems and challenges in the region, through generous donations FWB drilled the first water well in the Fraternity City in August, 2019. The arrival of water will change the reality of many families and it will provide not only access to clean drinking water, but also water for agricultural purposes.

FIELD OF PEACE (Camp de la Paix)

Fraternity Without Borders built the Champ de la Paix (Field of Peace) with the help of volunteers and the local community.

Families receive food, clean drinking water, brush their teeth, take a shower and wash their clothes. We are providing food and health care to approximately 3,000 children per day. 

None of the children were attending school before beginning the program. We bought school supplies, uniforms, and enrolled 357 children in school.


We have implemented a dental office in Unit 1. Children are provided with food, clean water, healthcare, dental care and access to basic hygiene. 

Our humanitarian missions are comprised mostly of healthcare professionals, who travel to Ambovombe, Madagascar to provide care. 


After seeing so much need, we launched a campaign for the construction of the City of Fraternity. We now shelter 100 families living in extreme poverty in the villages of the Ambovombe District, in the south of Madagascar. 

It is a healthy, new settlement with access to water, houses, a health clinic and a school. The rest of land will be allocated for sustainable farming, vocational courses and other pilot projects. Little by little we are creating jobs, families are becoming self-sustaining as they are working in the production of bio charcoal, making home-made soap, bread and working in the cultivation their own vegetable garden.


Fraternity Without Borders have established a Health Care Center and pharmacy at Champ de la Paix  (Field of Peace). 

During our humanitarian missions every four months, volunteer doctors and other medical professionals bring medical care to the community. Through the dedication of health professionals, we have created a nutrition center that serves children suffering from severe malnutrition.


When Fraternity Without Borders arrived in Madagascar, many of Ambovombe’s chidlren did not know what a toothbrush was. FWB built a dental office, Unit 1, in Ambovombe.  Volunteers dentists’ lovely work improves countless smiles in Madagascar.

Volunteers collected new toothbrushes and toothpaste through donations and took them to Madagascar. Dentists and volunteers taught the children and their mothers about basic oral hygiene and trained local workers to guide the community after they left.  The job  continues to be reinforced every 4 months when new volunteers travel to Madagascar.


The Danilo Farias School began through the work of the professional dancer, Danilo Farias. On a visit to the island, he saw the children’s needs and decided to change his life in other to help others. He opened a school for children in the north of the island.

Fraternity Without Borders has become a partner in the project and together we building new classrooms and expanding study opportunities for children and young people.