Venezuelan refugees, escaping the fallout of their country’s economic, political and social collapse, stream into Roraima, Brazil by the hundreds each day. Informal estimates report that about 100,000 Venezuelan refugees have crossed the border into Roraima so far; official figures show that about 40,000 of them live in Boa Vista, the state capital. 

Through our partnership with UNHCR and the Brazilian Army, Fraternity Without Borders is providing shelter and helping the refugees start a new life in Brazil.

In our shelter, located across the Venezuelan border in Boa Vista, Roraima, we are accommodating 312 people at a time providing a structured orientation program:

  • Shelter
  • 3 meals a day
  • Psychological support
  • Portuguese language classes
  • Vocational training
  • After school tutoring for refugee children
  • Resettlement and social assistance
  • Employment opportunities

Alba Gonzales, a Venezuelan and shelter coordinator, who crossed the border into Roraima in 2015 carrying an infant in her arms, explains: ‘’the refugees cook, clean and help each other. We are a great family”.   She finds purpose in giving back and helping.  Also, a Brazilian lawyer and volunteer, Vanessa Epifanio, says that if she can change the life of one person, she feels complete and proud.

Phase two of our program, called “Interiorizacao”, aims to resettle the Venezuelan refugees in cities across Brazil through collaboration with partners and Brazilian families. Fraternity Without Borders offers three months of housing, food and job search assistance.  During this new phase, each individual or family is assigned a social assistant for an additional six months that gives them guidance and help as needed in order for them to become independent and financially secure in Brazil.

Fraternity Without Borders is connecting the bridge between those who need a new start and those who are willing to help. Become a sponsor and help Venezuelans start a new life in Brazil.