Teaching Without Borders (TWB) is a Fraternity Without Borders / Fraternidade sem Fronteiras (FWB/FSF) volunteers’ initiative that offers English classes to children and adults in Africa and Brazil. 

We are teachers from different parts of the world who sponsor one or more of the Fraternity Without Borders’ projects and volunteer to donate our time and efforts to provide free English classes as an initiative of love and care. 

We are guided by the values of the Fraternity Without Borders organization: brotherhood, fidelity to purpose, appreciation of the human being, spirituality, and sustainable processes.

We seek to practice fraternity by sharing our knowledge and skills with the children and youth assisted by FWB/FSF in its many projects around the world and within the organization amongst our fellow workers/collaborators.

Currently, the TWB initiative partners with the following FWB/FSF humanitarian projects: Chemin du Futur – English in Senegal; English in Madagascar; Mozambique – with Sonhar sem Fronteiras (another volunteers’ initiative); Brazil – Clinica da Alma and FSF collaborators.


Débora Grillo was born in São Paulo, the capital city, and has always sought opportunities to engage in volunteer work. She pursued a degree in Literature with a focus on translation and interpretation at the Faculdade Ibero-Americana and later earned a postgraduate degree in Psychopedagogy.

Meet Enoque Eduardo Comole, the youngest volunteer of Teaching Without Borders. However, he was one of the very first volunteers to join the project.

It all began in 2018 when Enoque started taking English lessons via Skype with teacher Fernanda, from the village of Muzumuia in Mozambique.

Meet Fernanda Moreira, the General Coordinator of Teaching Without Borders. Fernanda is an English teacher with a deep passion for children, and she runs her own language school. She is an enthusiast of language acquisition studies and bilingualism and is a member of the research group GEALin/Unesp, where she is pursuing her doctoral research. Her journey with Fraternidade Sem Fronteiras began in 2016, and she became involved with Sonhar Sem Fronteiras in 2018 when she initiated the English in Mozambique project.

Julia Cunha

Lais Soares was born in Brasília, capital of Brazil. Even in her childhood, she enjoyed sharing knowledge and skills, playing ‘school’ with her sisters and neighbors. Her educational philosophy is rooted in the Chinese proverb attributed to Lao-Tsé: ‘Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he will eat for a lifetime.’

Mychele is a Brazilian who has been living in California since 1998. She followed her heart’s calling and is now a teacher in early childhood education, teaching Portuguese and English to non-native speakers. She is also one of the educators at Chemin du Futur in Senegal.

Meet Peer. He’s part German, part Swedish, and grew up in Austria. For most of his life, he called Munich, Germany, home. Currently, he resides in Lisbon, Portugal. Before becoming a teacher, he was a dancer and climate researcher. He cherishes his daughters and all the children in the world. It’s our duty to help them grow and make this world a better place. Finally, he discovered Teaching Without Borders and is now helping us build a brighter future for them!

Silvia has been living in the USA for 35 years. Currently, she volunteers with FWB, teaching English to the boys at Chemin du Futur in Senegal.

Allow me to introduce you to our youngest project teacher: William. Born in Piauí, Brazil, Will moved to the countryside of São Paulo with his family when he was still very young. He always had a passion for learning and was dearly loved by his teachers. With degrees in Visual Arts and Pedagogy, he specializes in African culture and Afro-Brazilian studies. Due to his strong interest in English, he also started pursuing a degree in Literature.


Fernanda Moreira – GENERAL COORDINATION – (Brazil)


1. MOZAMBIQUE – Fernanda Moreira
2. SENEGAL – Julia Cunha
3. CAMPO GRANDE & BOA VISTA – Eliane Chagas
4. CLINICA DA ALMA – Debbie Grillo
5. MADAGASCAR – Lais Soares


Are you passionate about teaching and eager to make a global impact? Join us at Teaching Without Borders! Our project is dedicated to empowering teachers to share their expertise with students worldwide. Together, we can break down educational barriers and create a brighter future for all. Join our mission today!