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Fraternidade no Sertão da Bahia (Fraternity in the Sertão da Bahia)

In the countryside of Bahia, hope for better days is born through the Portraits of Hope project. The initiative, embraced by the Fraternity Without Borders (FWB), is present today in nine cities of the state, building houses, working with school classes, music project and soccer lessons.

Portraits of Hope operates in one of the poorest regions of Brazil, offering, with the help of volunteers, housing for families living in conditions of extreme poverty. Together, with a little bit of each, we dream of bringing them education, clean water and basic sanitation.

In March 2019 the first caravan for the countryside was carried with healthcare and a beautiful immersion in the culture of our northeast. There is still much to do.

Countryside of Bahia, A Scenario

Devastated By The Drought

In one of the most suffering regions in Brazil, entire families are living on extreme poverty. Hopeless, hungry and without any assistance, they survive on leftovers. Through photography, this harsh reality begins to take a new path.  A book composed by 84 pictures captured between 2010 and 2017 became the project Portraits of Hope, that was developed due to the necessity of awareness on the harsh reality lived by those families.

Bismarck Araujo is a young photographer from Retirolandia, Bahia and moved by the memories from a harsh childhood, he decides to do something to change the reality in Bahia. With the lenses of his camera, he captures the poverty of his state and decides to create this project.

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