Fraternity for children with Microcephaly

This project unifies science and love in Campina Grande, Paraiba. The treatment is provided in the Center of Treatment of Children with Microcephaly of the Research Institute Professor Joaquim Amorim Neto. A team composed by physiotherapists, psychologists and doctors assist the children by giving them the opportunity of receiving a proper treatment.


The Fraternity without Borders supports this project that was created as a result of the dedication of Adriana Melo, the physician and researcher responsible for the discovery of the correlation between microcephaly and zika virus. There is still a lot to be done and that is why we need your help. 

A story that combines science and fraternity

Scientific discovery

In 2015, Brazil experienced an outbreak of babies born with Microcephaly, but the public health system was not prepared to offer proper treatment.

Touched by the helplessness of mothers, volunteers, supporters and sponsors joined Doctor Adriana Melo to help these babies.

Researches also prove that the sooner the treatment begins, the greater are the chances to overcome the sequels.

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