Butterfly Garden


Children diagnosed with a rare disease called Epidermolysis Bullosa receive special treatment and care at the NGO Jardim das Borboletas (Butterfly Garden) in Caculé, Bahia. The disease, which affects the skin is serious, non-contagious, and incurable, leaving wounds sensitive even to water. The Fraternity without Borders (FWB) has embraced this initiative to help maintain this work full of love and hope.

Today, sponsorship will provide these children with the chance of a better condition of life, through the purchase of high-cost medicines and dressings.

A box of the silicone dressing indicated for the treatment, in size 20x50cm that comes with four sheets, costs R$ 2,250 in Brazil and U$ 119 in the United States. A child uses on average one box per day, thus totaling 30 boxes per month, about R$67,500. In 2018, the NGO Jardim das Borboletas (Butterfly Garden) spent more than R$948,000 on 23 foster butterflies between the months of March and December.

Apart from medicines, the children need clothes and a better quality of life in terms of housing.

Together, we want to give all these butterflies the best life possible, full of care, smiles, love, and faith that better days are ahead.



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Some choices we make during life are not choices at all, they are missions we have been entrusted with and from which we cannot turn our backs or close our eyes. Aline Teixeira da Silva known this very well from the day she met the first child with Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). Natália, a four-year-old girl, suffered with the consequences of the disease until then unknown to Aline and the people of Bahia Backlands. The disease is a deficiency in the connective tissue of the skin. “The child does not produce collagen and does not accept replacement; the marrow comes with this deficiency in the gene. So, EB is a disease that leaves the skin loose”, explains Aline, who continues, “besides the skin being sensitive on the outside, people who suffer from EB have injuries on the inside making the whole digestive system deficient.”

Wanting to know Natália’s story, Aline, the Bahian from Caculé, dived deep into her heart's calling and began her journey for improving the quality of life for these children. “When I started a fundraising campaign in her favor, many people started coming to me asking for help, and that’s when I founded Garden of Butterflies," she says.

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